Water filters

Changing the water filter or calcium treatment unit exactly when required will minimise machine down time and serve better tasting coffee.

Water filters – monitoring service

Water filters

Stanco Services monitoring services is key to an efficient planned preventative maintenance schedule, ensuring that all important water filters are changed on time.

Our monitoring system tells us when water filter changes are due and one of our technical specialists will call to change the water filter on relevant equipment.

Water filters are often overlooked and undervalued but are vital to a busy catering establishment. Water filters help reduce damage due to scale build up, improve drink consistency and improve the taste and experience of the final beverage.

Dedicated water filter exchange monitoring service.

  • Filter changes help keep equipment in good working order
  • We advise when changes are due
  • Calcium treatment units, Brita, 3M, Cuno and Bestmax filters stocked
  • 100% dedicated service company

Whether you have one or a hundred outlets, let Stanco monitor and take care of your water filter changes.