Coffee Equipment Buyers Beware

As a buyer you are in a strong position to go to market and search for the right piece of equipment for your business, whether it is a Traditional Coffee Machine, a Bean to Cup or a Bulk Brewer. Each machine has its own merits, but what is suitable for one site might not be operationally effective for another.

You take your time establishing the needs of your operators to produce the optimum beverage for your customers, weighing up the Capital Expenditure of the equipment, the installation costs, the warranty periods, the running costs, making sure you are energy efficient and of course the payback period is within your own financial parameters.

Having gone through the minefield of choosing the best coffee machine available for your business, how much time do you actually spend on looking at what happens after your purchase?

Warranty & Service

You may be offered a one, two or even a three year parts warranty by the sales organisation; you may have been sold an additional service contract, that on the face of it offers you a one stop shop for all your equipment needs; be it After Sales Service, Preventative Maintenance, Water Filtration, Cleaning Products etc. but what does this actually mean for your business?

As an Independent Service Supplier since 1991 Stanco Services Ltd have been advising clients on the merits of owning their own equipment, but making sure they are free to use their preferred service supplier for their equipment. Getting encumbered with a beverage machine that can only be serviced by one company could give you a variety of issues in the future.

The number of telephone calls and emails Stanco Services receive daily asking for help with servicing their equipment which has been purchased by them in good faith, but they have now found themselves caught in this trap of having to agree to the service provided by these companies. This could result in expensive service contracts, poor service delivery and finally accepting there is nowhere else to go regarding servicing their own coffee equipment.

Due Diligence

Make sure when doing your due diligence it includes the life of your equipment make sure you are aware of what you are purchasing and the extent to which you are tying your company to one supplier. This is not to say all equipment suppliers who operate this system will disappoint, this is a continued revenue stream for them after the sale of the equipment for their business and one that gives them assurances that their brand is not tarnished by poor third party operators.

Coffee equipment buyers need to consider all aspects of the purchase making sure that it is you that is in control of your capital expenditure as well as your on-going maintenance budgets for years to come.

Stanco Services

Stanco Services have built their companies reputation around high quality service from an independent perspective, not associated with one machine manufacturer capturing and encumbering their clients in to using their services. Customers are free to make their own decisions regarding a service supplier but continue to use Stanco due to the high level of service they receive at a realist price, rather than being shackled to one sales company for all.

There may be hope on the horizon for those companies that have already found themselves in this predicament. Under the European Commission’s new standards ‘right to repair’, manufacturers will have to make spares available to professional repairers for household appliances in 2021, one can only hope these standards are adopted for the commercial sector in the near future.