La Cimbali Servicing & Repair

Stanco Services Ltd service, repair and maintain La Cimbali traditional machines and superautomatic machines.

Offering ad hoc repair or national servicing contracts on La Cimbali equipment including preventative maintenance programs. Our fleet of 30 fully trained mobile engineers carry common spares for most types of La Cimbali equipment. Our engineers are cleared for sensitive site access. 

LaCimbali Traditional Machines Serviced

Stanco Services service the following La Cimbali Traditional Machines...

M100 HD, M100 GT, M39 RE, M34, M26, M24 TE, M21 JUNIOR.

LaCimbali SuperAutomatic Machines Serviced

Stanco Services service, repair and maintain the following La Cimbali SuperAutomatic Machines...

S54, S30, S20, S39 TE, M1.

Dedicated Team

Stanco Services places a great importance on providing superior customer service and to that end we have structured our company’s service offer into modules. This allows us to target specifically the problems that our clients are facing and build up a custom made offer for every client.

Help Desk

Our specialist Help Desk can diagnose problems to avoid unnecessary call-outs. Our team currently clear 30% of service calls over the telephone, before the need to escalate the problem to engineer call-out status.